Eddy current inspection meathod with experience.



Application examples of Tapped hole inspector


Tapped hole inspection for aluminum die casting products

Because of random sampling inspection, defective products were often outflowed.Also found a defective product mix-up due to the human error at carrying process.
Our proposal and outcomes

We proposed using multi axis joint robot to cover the whole process including inspection carrying an packing to minimize human errors.


Tapped hole inspection for forged water pump pulley

The Inspection method using thread plug gauge often overlooked damaged/ scuffed threads, also miss aligned insertion or internal remaining chips were cause of those defects.
Our proposal and outcomes

Replaced thread plug gauge by eddy current sensor probe.
Also utilized existing mechanism to save any major modification cost.
Using eddy current sensor allows harmless inspection so Thread damage is no longer found.


Tapped hole inspection for aluminum die casting oil pan

The customer required additional inspection process for thread absence detection. Also the modification budget was limited.
Our proposal and outcome

In order to avoid any major process design change, placed the inspection process during the product conveyance. Reduced the total amount of sensors by only inspecting the last machined hole to guarantee entire thread presence.


Tapped hole inspection for camshaft

Using laser inspection often caused misdetection from cutting oil or fluid. Thread section was located deep in the hole so the laser was hardly reached to the target point.
Our proposal and outcomes

We proposed using an additional air cylinder to mount a longer sensor probe which specially modified by our engineering team. Misdetection is no longer found as eddy current is never disturbed by cutting fluid/ oil or even surrounding lights.